Friday, August 13, 2010

Secret Compartment Acorn

Inspired by Holly Black's novel "Tithe," this acorn has a hidden compartment inside to use as a way to pass secret messages or trifles to friends (or faeries!). A faerie size is coming soon!

"Kaye pulled lightly on the acorn cap , and it came loose. Inside the nutshell, all the mat was gone, leaving an empty space where a slip of paper was coiled."

Fisherman's Wool
Lion Cotton in dark brown
Size G (4 mm) hook
Tapestry needle (opt)


Use adjustable loop to make 6 sts.
1: hdc1, hdc 2 into next st. rep around (12 sts)
2: rep row 1 (18 sts)
3: hdc2, hdc 2 into next st. rep around (24 sts)
4: hdc 3, hdc 2 into next st. rep around (30 sts)
Tie off and turn inside out. DO NOT CUT ANY OF THE TAILS!! Tug gently on the beginning loop to make a point, tie the end, and weave in.

1: Ch 33. Attach in a round
2: hdc 3, skip 1 st. rep around.
3: hdc 2, skip 1 st. rep around.
Repeat row 3 until it becomes too difficult to skip sts.
Pull the top inside out, ch 5, turn and hdc (only skip the turning chain. This creates a natural curve in the stem) back to the base of the stem. Flip the loop back back through the top so that it is back the right way out (leaving the stem on the opposite side) and hdc in one of the remaining sts in the round. Close the hole and tie off. DO NOT CUT THE TAIL ON THE CHAIN ROW!!!

Use the tail left on the base and pull it through the top on the side opposite the tail from chain row of the top (so you have a tail on both sides). Pull it back in to the cavity of the acorn and tie off.
For closure on the other side, take a scrap of the dark brown yarn and pull it through the base of the acorn just below the other tail. This can be tied in a bow and tucked under the cap so the acorn remains unassuming.

You're finished! Enjoy! :)

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  1. would love to see a finished picture of your acorn'